Film & TV Production

These courses produce critically informed contemporary media professionals; who are creative and multi-skilled communicators

DEFA has course is designed to develop and enhance your knowledge, skills and capabilities relevant to career development in the media production industry, whether within Sri Lanka or overseas.

Upon the graduation at DEFA students will be able to deliver innovative content for a wide range of existing and new platforms including film, television and radio, social media.

Ultimate goal of the program is to provide you with a broader knowledge; about a wide range of media. This includes traditional and emerging forms. Through this program DEFA will also provide skills and knowledge that will guide you to determine your future career and to facilitate lifelong learning. As learning outcomes students will be fluent with technology and the evolving media environment and will emerge as creative thinkers and problem-solvers employed across a wide range of industry sectors.

Teaching and Learning

Industries that program graduates have moved into include film and television, radio, screen culture, internet and mobile media production, government and education.

At DEFA learning will take place within small classes, project-based studio environments in which you can actively participate and sharpen skills in key parts of contemporary media production processes.

Throughout the program, students will be educated about the broader critical analyses of the historical, theoretical and cultural contexts of media industries. Students will undertake individual and group work and will also be evaluated through presentations, exhibitions, staff, peer and self-assessment.

Career Outlook

After the completion students find work in the film and television industry, public and commercial radio, internet and mobile media, screen culture, social media, journalism, marketing, publishing, academia, the music and games industries and the government sector and also this guide to take up and go on to postgraduate studies.

Studying the mentioned digital media program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work in a broad range of roles and industries such as:

  • Film and television : directors, producers, directors of photography, screenwriters, camera operators, sound recordists, sound and picture editors, etc;
  • Screen Culture : film festival directors, curators, project managers, film and TV critics, distributors, venue coordinators, etc;
  • Internet, Mobile media : website developers, cross-platform content developers, social media producers, content authors, writers, managers, publishers, media sellers and buyers, etc;
  • Radio : presenters, producers, programmers, station managers, studio directors, journalists, editors – for commercial, government or community broadcasters, etc;