Cutting edge professional photography program conducted by the industry’s best professionals

DEFA offers a cutting edge professional photography program conducted by the industry’s best professionals. The course will provide a strong platform and will equip candidates with the knowledge and skills required for a professional photographer. This is an up-to-date and comprehensive program which covers every aspect of photography.

Over a span of 3 months of full time study, you will focus on exploring photography thinking and developing projects in a studio-based environment.

throughout the program candidates will be learning; fashion, advertising architecture, documentary, photojournalism, editorial, publishing, photo editing, post- production, publishing, exhibition practice, curating and teaching.

Teaching and Learning

Learning will take place within project-based studio environments in which you will actively participate and develop skills in key contemporary photographic production processes.

This program will enable the chance for the students to engage with broader critical analyses of the historical, theoretical and cultural contexts of photography.

Students experience only the best learning and teaching approaches. They will include studio-based environments, production workshops, lectures and seminars. You will be evaluated through individual and team-based projects You will be supported and guided by the working professionals and they will be your industry mentor.

Career Outlook

On a successful completion of this program, you may choose to move into further study as well as have the opportunity to enter into industry and step into one of the many diverse roles in photography and its related industries both here and overseas.

As a professional practitioner with specialist knowledge in photography, you may choose one of the following as your career :

  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • Documentary
  • Photo Journalism
  • Editorial / Publishing
  • Photo Editing
  • Post-Production Teaching