Video Editing & VFX

A programme which allows you to become the pioneer of the Digital Video industry.

This program will allow you to gain knowledge and technical skills in video editing and visual effects using specialist tools for image manipulation.

Program will lead you to complete a range of practical tutorials and individual projects, where the students will explore the key technical operations in post-production workflow and will be educated about editing concepts important in the structuring of diverse screen productions.

Upon successful completion students will be able to describe principles of video editing and visual effects used to enhance screen productions. At the same time they will be able to analyse techniques and processes of video editing and visual effects used in a range of screen productions.

Determining video editing and visual effects requirements from a production brief and learning the application of a diverse range of video editing techniques and visual effects to a range of work will also be learnt.

Teaching and Learning

DEFA will provide you with classrooms and learning spaces equipped with the necessary hardware and software tools for this course. All relevant course materials and lists of any suggested reading will be made available to you. You will also be expected to gain the maximum out of learning through working industry professionals.

Each and every student will be guided individually throughout the course and will be evaluated through tests and individual & group projects. Students experience only the best learning and teaching approaches. They will include studio-based environments, production workshops, lectures and seminars.

Career Outlook

On a successful completion of this program, you may choose to move into further study as well as have the opportunity to enter into industry and step into one of the many diverse roles in the industry of Video editing and VFX.

  • Video Editors
  • Camera Operators
  • Colourist
  • VFX Editor
  • Video Producer