About US

Message – CEO / Managing Director 

Currently, there are a lot of creative academies in the country, but an ambitious, talented creative should not only learn the fundamentals of the chosen field but also experience the production and creation process with proper training from some of the best in the industry. Here, at DEFA, we shape and sharpen those talents to assist our future generation to reach the maximum potential within themselves and become exceptional in the industry.

Our academy boasts of being capable of providing great, industry-standard digital and filming educational programmes with world-recognized training, state-of-the-art technology, and resources.
With us, our students can be globally recognized and practically proficient to conquer the industry.

Message – Academic Head 

At DREAM EFFECTS FILM ACADEMY you learn Animation, VFX, Editing, Designing, Photography, and Filmmaking by attending to the practical works. From the day one, we give you deep end theories, practical knowledge and help you to develop your chosen field through the carefully constructed programme of production experience and education in industry practice, vocabulary and conventions.

We’re more than just a film school. We are Award winning company and one of the major media production companies for Films, commercials, Music videos & Teledramas in Sri Lanka. And we’re proud of our pitch forums, master classes, and the community of professionals who love to work with and teach our students as much as they do making films.

Whichever program you choose, whether it’s long or short, general or special, a first HND or a treat to yourself, we look forward to welcoming you to the academy and helping you navigate your path through the wonderful and complex world of design and filmmaking.


Welcome to DEFA

DEFA is a Sri Lankan Digital Film Academy where students gain the rare opportunity of learning from the industry experts. We offer a wide variety of Certification programs for aspiring youth at DEFA to conquer the industry with knowledge and talent.

Our certification programs, vocational programs and short courses that are global in focus and practical in application.

Why DEFA ?

We have more courses, more review choices, more research ventures, and more experienced teachers, giving you a more extensive training that will separate you from your peers.

Our courses are customized to take advantage of your imaginative potential and build up your conceptual abilities. We present a practice-based approach that is driven by critical exploration of strategies, materials, and innovation.

The uniqueness of DEFA is our desire to make a change. You’ll leave with a more noteworthy feeling of purpose, a global outlook, and the abilities and confidence to make a positive improvement – to yourself, and to the lives of people around you.

Our Vision

To create globally qualified professionals for the industry

Our Mission

To be the most innovative academy for digital filmmaking in Sri Lanka.



Lecture panel

Industry Experts

Film & Commercial Director, Producer, and Editor,
Animators/ VFX Supervisor / VFX Artists – Cinema theory Asthatics
Story Borders
Sound Editors

Course Director – Univotec
Art Directors
Film Directors
Sound Editors

Teledrama and Television Production Directors and Produces
Professional Make-up Artist


 UDC  Business Awards 2011

Derana Video Awards 2010

16 Weni Sumathi Samnana ulela (hodama rupavahini shrawya drushya geethaya 1st price.

Sumathi Awards 2011

Sumathi samnana ulela (Hodama Rupavahini Shrawya Drushya Geethaya Vishesha Kusalatha.2010

16 Weni Sumathi samnana ulela (hodama rupavahini Shrawya Drushya Geethaya 2nd place.2009

16 Weni Sumathi Samnana ulela (Hodama Rupavahini Shrawya Drushya Geethaya 2nd place.2010

Sumathi Awards 2009.